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Review: AMC’s The Killing – “Undertow” Episode 9

Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) in Episode 9. (Photo by Carole Segal/AMC)

“Undertow” is the ninth episode of “The Killing,” yet I feel as though it should’ve been episode five or six. There are only four more episodes left and, to be honest, I could care less as to who killed Rosie Larsen or who will win the mayoral race.

The pilot of the show was deep, dark, interesting, creepy and foreshadowed a show putting together an investigative procedural but instead we get something out of CBS’ crime books.

Where is all the intrigue surrounding Rosie’s last weekend alive? Why do we still not know nearly anything about the relationship between Rosie and her parents? How in the world are they going to connect this back to the campaign for mayor now that Bennet has been eliminated as a suspect — or will they?

I could tell what the show wanted me to feel at the end when Stan and Belko were beating the crap out of Bennet. But I didn’t feel sorry for Bennet. I felt relieved that the plot pointing to Bennet as the killer is over. Since he was introduced we’ve seen this new terrorist angle that turned out to be not even close to a terrorist angle. In the last four weeks we have seen almost zero detective work on the part of Linden and Holder while they try to arrest Bennet. I could go on and on about the lousy police work but I am pretty sure Linden and Holder should be focusing on what exactly happened that weekend, the week leading up to the murder and the relationship between Rosie and her friends from school and family.

I really hope the show picks up before it ends in four weeks but I have my doubts. It’s become too much like many other shows on TV after a thrilling and gripping pilot episode.


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